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Tradizione e qualità
Catalogo prodotti: PASTA DA SFOGLIA


The company has been on the market since 1979, produce only special shapes of egg pasta sixty percent of which are divided into three types of named garganelli pasta, with excellent prices in relation to quality.

Are guaranteed high quality standards whit big attention to the choice of raw materials and accurate control of all phases of production based on the HACCP system. HACCP system we implemented with the certification IFS food.

The company has always paid special attention to the choice of raw materials and in particular to use only eggs from farms where hens are fed exclusively with feed natural and grade durum wheat semolina. Always to keep a high quality dryng of the product is obtained in cells with low temperatures where the pasta Zanini is left to rest at least 16 hours.

We would like to highlight how our garganelli pasta have their own originality from an exclusive idea patented.

For all types of pasta Zanini are used bronze dies with extrusion of the browse at low pressure so as not to deplete the product of rich sensory characteristics that it possesses in the beginning, almost all our formats are rifled to collect the condiments as the restaurant.

Our range of packages includes:
250 g plastic bag
250 g bag or box of paper
500 g plastic bag

The plants completed in the year 1993 has a total area of 2500 mq and are operating four lines .

Our clients are large retailers and distributors. The product are sold to the retailers brand and the Zanini brand.


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